Sports programs are invaluable to our community. At the Watts Foundation, we have seen the enormously positive impacts that sports can have on the youth of Seattle and beyond. A good sports program has the power to mold players into young adults who have what it takes to succeed in all arenas of life—on the court, in the home, and at the office. They emerge with the discipline that gives them strength, an enduring work ethic that propels them forward, and a winning mindset that lifts them higher.

When we combine athletic success with opportunities in business—such as the chance to develop enriching mentor-mentee relationships with successful business people—the results are life-changing and the impacts broad.

The proceeds that are raised go towards providing athletic and academic opportunities for children in need. Funds will go towards fees to cover training as well as college recruiting trips, in addition to funding that supports academic mentoring and mentorship experiences with members of our business community.